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Gorgeous Glass House Offers Scenic Perch Above Santa Monica

California dreamin’ in this striking minimal design

Designed by California architect Michael Sant, the Saddle Peak House is a modernist confection made of glass, concrete, and wood nestled in the rugged Santa Monica Mountains.

The home is dominated by right angles—everything from the roofline to the rectangular pool underscores the geometric precision of its design. Inside, this motif continues with the contrasting vertically striped wood paneling and the horizontal striations of the concrete walls.

The traveling French photographers behind Un Cercle, Pauline and Mickael, recently stayed in the home and documented its surreal beauty. Renting for $1,120/night on Airbnb, the dreamy designer abode seems well worth the expense.

The living room of the L-shaped home has floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, respectively framing the minimally landscaped pool area and a view over the Pacific Ocean. But the marine layer that forms over the water creates a stunning backdrop of clouds beneath the home.

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