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Cities Across the World Light Up in Rainbow Colors for Orlando

From Orlando to Kansas City, Sydney, Tel Aviv

Mourning the victims of Sunday morning's tragic mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida—in what is being called the deadliest such shooting in U.S. history—cities and communities the world over are lighting up their buildings, bridges, and monuments with the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ flag in a show of solidarity.

Vivid, full-spectrum color has swathed the spire of the World Trade Center in New York City to City Hall in Tel Aviv and Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, paying tribute to those who lost their lives and offering a little light in this dark and sad time.

The Council House in Perth, Australia

The spire of One World Trade Center in New York City

The Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

The Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel

The Dallas, Texas skyline

The Orlando cityscape

City Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel

The Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Bond Bridge in Kansas City, Missouri

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge in England

Bridges and monuments in Canberra, Australia

The Sydney, Australia skyline

City Hall in New York City

The Helmsley Building in New York City

The Castro neighborhood in San Francisco

The Skydance Bridge in Oklahoma City

Toronto, Canada

Aloft Hotel in Orlando

The Empire State Building in New York City went dark on Sunday night.