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Asymmetric Shipping Container House Thinks Outside the Box in France

The sleek, angular home is in France, natch

When you think "shipping container home" you likely have a vivid mental image of a series of those ubiquitous rectangular units stacked in some form or another, with rugged interiors that play up the industrial-chic nature of the volumes as building blocks for private homes.

We've written before about how far from the truth that can be—shipping container homes can really be surprisingly glamorous—and that is even more the case at this visually intriguing, asymmetric luxe dwelling in—where else?—France.

Designed by architect Josué Gillet of studio 2A Design, the Flying Box House, as it's known, lies on a site in the French town of Orgères, outside the city of Rennes and comprises three stories of stacked containers. According to Dezeen, Gillet partnered with B3 Ecodesign, a company in the region that creates modular homes out of shipping containers. The whole thing was put together in three months.

Inside, simple finishes and fittings include wood floors, white cabinetry, and recessed lighting, lending the interiors a clean-lined, airy feel. And though the plot is tight, there’s room aplenty for outdoor space in the form of a planted roof deck and a rear yard.