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New Furniture Collection Caters to Coworking Spaces

Ideal for collaborative work

As the rise of open-plan, coworking spaces in major urban centers continues to challenge the idea of the traditional office space, employees—and furniture—are called to adapt.

Indeed, to address the shifting needs of the new office worker, London-based design studio PearsonLloyd has expanded its collection of office furniture for Canadian brand Teknion. The Zones collection, rendered in sleek wood, aluminum, plastics, and textiles, provides various configurations promoting collaboration, privacy, and relaxation.

The biggest piece in the collection is the Lounge, a semi-private pod made up of two face-to-face couches that are wrapped in a high screen, allowing its users to chat in private or take a break from the bustle of the rest of the office.

Other pieces include the standing Canteen table, a square Workshop table accompanied by four benches to encourage group discussion and collaboration, reclining lounge chairs, compact stools, easels, and an all-purpose traditional rectangular desk. The collection just launched at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago, which runs through June 15.