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Apple's All-in-One Home Tech App is Coming

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It will arrive in the fall, with the brand-new iOS 10

Apple WWDC 2016 brought some big news for fans of home tech: The tech behemoth is set to release a Home app with its forthcoming mobile operating system, iOS 10. In early May, we reported on rumors that the company would announce plans for an all-in-one home tech app in its upcoming iOS, but this is our first real look at what Apple has had up its sleeves.

In short, the Home app will act as a one-stop hub for all of a user's HomeKit-enabled products, including connected thermostats, locks, lighting, security cameras, and more. According to our sister site, The Verge, the app will also come equipped with a Favorites section, which will allow users to set predetermined "scenes"—combinations of settings—for temperature, lighting, and sound, and more. Perhaps an even greater convenience, as the Verge points out, is that the Home app will be reachable via iOS 10's Control Center, allowing quick and easy access.

It’s the latest in a series of industry moves to break down barriers to entry for the common folk when it comes to home tech. Voice activation and interaction, as deployed in Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, is also all the rage. While only time will tell how many Apple mobile owners will make use of the Home app, this seems a step in the direction of normalizing smart home products even further.