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This Delightful Cottage in Denmark Is Made Up of 9 Cylinders

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There’s something oddly delightful about round homes—whether they're domed or curved or flat-out circular—which is why we’re loving this children’s playhouse-inspired Danish cottage made up of a cluster of cylinders.

The Birkedal house, located on the island of Møn in southeastern Denmark, comprises nine connected cylindrical volumes that sit in a meadow. Designed by German architect Jan Henrik Jansen, the light-filled, three bedroom holiday villa (available to rent!) features a facade paneled with thin pine logs and trimmed with weathered-steel window frames, white interior walls lined with wooden strips that give them a corrugated feel, pebbled floors, oak built-ins, and brass accents. Large windows and a path of stepping stones draw the guest inside, and once there, the bubble-like atmosphere envelopes the guest, making her want to stay a while.