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Custom Tiny House Features Hobbit Door to a Balcony

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And it wants $40K when complete

In our ongoing coverage of impressive tiny houses, a wide range of intriguing features have been surfaced. Victorian-inspired eaves. A chalkboard wall. A house that rotates exactly 359 degrees. Today, we’re sharing a tiny house that features a hobbit door. Only this hobbit door, instead of leading you into a green-roofed hobbit home, takes you to an itty bitty balcony off the lofted sleeping area—not a common feature in tiny houses, but a welcome addition for sure.

Already listed for sale for $39,500, this custom 200-square-foot design is still getting its finishing touches, which should be completed by July. The Ridgway, CO-based builder has incorporated in beetle kill pine throughout the interior, which will also have a fold-out couch, collapsable "breakfast nook," and over 50 built-in shelves and cupboards. Stay tuned to its progress here.