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Watch a guy break a panel from China’s terrifying glass bridge with a sledgehammer

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This will not make you less afraid of glass bridges

China remains convinced that people want to walk across glass-bottomed bridges suspended incredibly high over canyons. And perhaps they do. But they are also understandable nervous about it. So, recently, the company behind China’s longest, highest, and most terrifying glass bridge invited a BBC reporter to stand on the bridge and hit a(n uninstalled) panel with a sledgehammer. The panel cracked immediately. The reporter then hit it a bunch more times and it continued to crack, but did not give way. Then a group of people jumped on it and it still didn’t give way. So, good job, we guess, on demonstrating that nobody is actually going to die by falling through this bridge. But very bad job making us less afraid of it.

Man Hits Glass Bridge With Sledgehammer, You Will Absolutely Believe What Happens Next [Gizmodo]