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These Ceramic Wireless Charging Trays Fuse High-Tech and High Design

They’re the work of London designer Benjamin Hubert

As home tech products continue to gain traction with consumers, so too do designers seem to be turning their attentions and talents to the Internet of Things. We’ve written about designer Karim Rashid partnering with Richard Smiedt (of Bobble water bottle fame) to create colorful, bulbous mobile charging devices and now comes news of sleekly designed wireless charing trays by none other than Benjamin Hubert, cofounder of London design studio Layer.

Created in collaboration with Italian ceramics company Bitossi Ceramiche, the Charge Trays, as they are so aptly named, are slip-cast ceramic, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. "The Charge Tray collection exudes high craft rather than high tech," Layer told Dezeen in an interview. Under each minimalist ceramic tray, a unit made of molded silicone holds the wireless charging system’s components.

Wireless charging is trending right now: Furniture that features embedded wireless charging technology seems to spring up all the time and Ikea has already jumped into the game, unveiling wireless charging pads, side tables, and more.