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Philippe Starck-Designed Hotel Offers Lofts, Arches, Smartphones

Very trendy

Philippe Starck, the noted French designer behind the iconic Ghost Chair (and a very pretty prefab house) just completed the interiors of the new hotel M Social Singapore. As its name might suggest, the 293-room complex seems to target the digital-loving millennial set, offering constant connectivity plus a whole lot of splashy design ideas.

The interiors, infused with bright art throughout, includes self-check-in kiosks and a distinct restaurant and bar area with vibrant Spanish tile flooring, communal tables, and what looks like a wall of tablets. The rooms comes with complimentary smartphones that give you unlimited data and calls (local or international), plus chapel-inspired arched doorways, and lit-up mirrors for that great selfie lighting.

The only simple idea here may be the naming system for the rooms. The options are: Nice (204 square feet), Nicer, Big (236 square feet, loft-style), and Bigger. Nicer and Bigger are just versions of Nice and Big, respectively, with private open-air terraces.