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Tiny Homes for Rent: 3 Serene European Escapes

Some fab views ahead

After sharing a number of rad micro home rentals in the U.S. over the last few weeks, this time around, we’re going international. Below, check out what tiny homes look like across the pond.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands—"Eco Cabin" ($47/night)

These adorable, colorful waterfront cabins can accommodate up to four people and include a table with seating, central heating, Wi-Fi, bathroom, and washer/dryer. No mention of kitchen, though, since this is a simple dwelling on campgrounds.

Penzance, England—"Container Forty-Five" ($100/night)

Take in England’s picturesque Cornish countryside at this 340-square-foot shipping container home. The modern spread features a bright palette of white, grey, and green, and has several large windows for maximizing those rural views.

Alicante, Spain—"Solterreno Hexagon Cabin" ($53/night)

This is a 300-square-foot mountain retreat with not much inside—just a kitchen and sleeping area essentially—but the deck with dramatic mountain views makes up for it. Don’t worry, there’s still Wi-Fi, somehow.

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