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Ancient Rome Inspired this New Collection of Sculptural Home Decor

Objects include pitchers, lighting, and cabinetry

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, the Italian duo behind the Amsterdam-based Studio Formafantasma, have created collection of delicate but sculptural pitchers, lighting, storage units, and other objects inspired by their recent travels in Rome.

The Delta collection takes its inspiration (and name) from the Tiber river and sediments and other debris that can be found deposited in its delta. The concept of the delta also describes the way the designers developed and gathered their ideas.

Combining both modern and historical design elements, the pieces are made using natural materials including porcelain, marble, metal, and wood. For example, a series of porcelain pitchers recall ancient artifacts, while a lamp made from travertine stone and a circular brass disc is meant to call to mind the Pantheon’s oculus.

Catch a glimpse at the unusual objects below (now on view at Design Miami), then head on over to Designboom for the full collection. Delta was produced in collaboration with Giustini/Stagetti and Galleria O. Roma.

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