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England’s record-setting UFO-like observation tower set to open

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Apparently, the locals aren't crazy about it

The British Airways i360, which still sounds like it should be an airline but remains a very tall and thin observation tower, is on pace to open later this summer, designer Marks Barfield Architects says. The tower, which is both the world’s tallest moving observation tower (on purpose) and the world’s thinnest tower (by accident), was completed in Brighton earlier this year. And according to Dezeen commenters, it has not been well received by locals. "This has blighted Brighton's beautiful coastline. Locals hate it, especially those that live near the eye sore and now have to see the thing every time they look out of the window or leave the house," writes commenter Chris. "This is not an architectural landmark, this is another nail in the coffin for heritage and tradition." Two more commenters used the word "awful."

"World's tallest moving observation tower" prepares to welcome first passengers [Dezeen]