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Adorable Aussie Bungalow Makes a Case for Colorful Decor

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Here to offer a little lesson on decorating with color is a Melbourne family’s marvelous California bungalow, profiled this week on The Design Files. After purchasing the home in late 2013, Jo Dabrowski and Andrew Fisher got the revamp going right away, replacing the wooden floors, removing old kitchen tiles, and repainting throughout. The walls here range from the muted greys to jet black to a rich blue and green in the children’s bedrooms, but they all play backdrop to a characterful collection of furniture and tchotchkes.

The dining room, with its bright green chairs and dramatic wall of plates, definitely wakes up the senses, as do the bedrooms. The couple's bedroom sports a cozy, chunky golden blanket and matching midcentury chair and stool acquired via a local "Buy, Swap, Sell" Facebook group. As for the two kids’ bedrooms, colorful toys are given the spotlight, whether it’s all over the fireplace or high up on the walls. Do check out the full story and tour here.