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Tiny House Rental Startup Getaway Plans a New 18-Cabin Campground

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The company teamed up to raise $110,000 on a real estate investment crowdfunding platform

It looks like tiny house rental startup Getaway is serious about taking tiny living mainstream. Fresh off launching a new cohort of tiny house rentals north of New York City, Getaway has added another win to its record: Today, the Boston-based startup just completed the first ever tiny house real estate investment crowdfunding offering, raising $110K ($10K above goal) in 45 minutes on the online real estate investment marketplace EquityMultiple.

What does this mean exactly? Well, EquityMultiple, a startup itself, combines real estate investment with the crowdfunding approach today’s Internet citizens are well familiar with. In this particular deal orchestrated by EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton and Getaway's Aaron Vomberg, investors have contributed a minimum of $5,000 each towards a new Getaway project: a 19-acre campground in Upstate New York that's expected to host 18 Getaway cabins by next year.

Through this deal, investors get to support a tiny house real estate project while earning a return. While Getaway has previously noted plans to work with cities to develop a "tiny house village" in a major urban area, creating a campground full of micro cabins seems like a logical precursor. Getaway leases the land under all of its houses—doing so in the relative middle of nowhere is a lot easier than in any concrete jungle.