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The cheapest place to live in Abu Dhabi is a solar-powered luxury houseboat

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It’s like you’re losing money if you don’t live on one, apparently

Some cities are just very expensive and when you move there you have to either cram yourself into an apartment with a bunch of strangers or rent a tiny studio apartment. Or, if the city is United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi, live on a solar-powered luxury houseboat, apparently. "If you’re getting a housing allowance, and after five or 10 years of living in a rented villa you realize that for that money you could have lived on a boat, you’re going to kick yourself," says Berend Lens van Rijn, who is working with Netherlands-based company Waterlovt to bring houseboats to the city’s plentiful waterways. The boats are small, compared to an apartment, but well-equipped, with washing machines, TVs, kitchens, and—wait, what was that about a housing allowance?

Self-sustaining solar-powered houseboats in Abu Dhabi are cheaper than rent [Inhabitat]