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Decorative Brick Facade Distinguishes Apartment Building in Iran

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It’s the work of Iranian architects Behzad Yaghmaei and Azadeh Mahmoudi

It isn’t often that the modern architecture being designed and developed in Iran is given time in the limelight, but this apartment building in the historic western Iranian city of Kerman (about 600 miles southeast of the capital, Tehran) makes the case for paying closer attention.

Designed by local architects Behzad Yaghmaei and Azadeh Mahmoudi, the six-story apartment block—dubbed the Khish-Khaneh Building—references its yellowbrick and red-accented neighbors, while creating some visual interest with a series of balconies and pilaster-like protruding vertical elements on the facade. According to Dezeen, the building contains only nine homes, with the ground floor making space for parking and the lobby.

Inside each apartment, polished stone floors meet whitewashed ceilings and walls, providing stark contrast to the dark wood-style custom cabinetry and other storage in the kitchen and other spaces. Take a look.