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New Flatpack Shelving System Features Leather and Minimal Hardware

Minimal assembly required

Ikea better watch out, because designers like two-year-old startup Greycork are getting more and more creative with their flatpack furniture offerings. The latest design comes from young architect Ammar Kalo who has designed a round-edged, maple multi-tier shelving system.

The slanting legs are connected to the top shelf by custom-designed brass connectors, the only hardware on the entire console, allowing them to fold down for flatpack shipping. Additional shelves can be attached to the system by simply sliding them onto the legs and fastening them in place with camel leather "collars" that prevent slipping.

Kalo has also designed a coffee table, stool, and folding chair whose organic lines—a a welcome change from other more angular furniture offerings—mimic that of the multi-tier shelf. The pieces can be ordered from the website.