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New Ikea Collection Features Indonesian and Vietnamese-Inspired Home Goods

The pieces are made from woven rattan, bent bamboo, and other natural materials

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Continuing its collaborations with international designers, Ikea has unveiled the first pieces from a long-term project with Dutch furniture designer Piet Hein Eek. The Jassa collection comprises furniture and home decor objects inspired by traditional Indonesian and Vietnamese crafts that feature rattan, bamboo, and other natural materials, as well as batik-like prints on its textiles.

Pieces include a range of pendant lighting, baskets of various styles, benches, and lounge chairs that are made with woven rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth, and bent bamboo, techniques that the Ikea design team spent time learning. Colorful batik-printed cushions are also on offer.

Eek told Dezeen that designing for Ikea "is almost the opposite" of what he normally does. Still, he said: "Luckily, the rational approach in both processes, both for small and large quantities, are the same—one has to think about efficiency in every aspect. All of a sudden it's possible to make products with the same mentality and attitude, for a bigger audience."

Indeed, the collection, which will be available in stores next March, incorporates an interesting combination of the handmade and mass-produced. Head on over to Dezeen for the full story.