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Minimalist Glamping Resort in Japan Has Sublime Mt. Fuji Views


Quick, add Hoshinoya Fuji to your list of fab "glamping" destinations to know. Completed last fall, the resort is nestled among gorgeous red pines of a Japanese national park and claims to be the country’s first glamping retreat. Well, it certainly sets the bar high.

Densely perched on a hill overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, the collection of washed timber cabins feature minimalist interiors that cede the spotlight to amazing views of Mt. Fuji. The cabins, designed by Tokyo firm Azuma Architect & Associates, each include a private balcony equipped with compact chairs, tables, and fireplace for enjoying the views.

Truly a resort, Hoshinoya Fuji also includes a truss-roofed dining hall with chef-created meals and Cloud Terrace, a series of wooden platforms that offer various lounge areas for kicking back and soaking in nature. Don’t mind if we do.