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Indoor-Outdoor House Frames Bucolic River Views in Argentina

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Brick, wood, and steel converge to simple, idyllic effect

We are big fans of the indoor-outdoor house. In moderate climates from Australia to California to Brazil, these flexible residences bring the outside right in, usually with sliding glass doors that allow seamless movement between a rear garden and an airy, open-plan interior.

This house in Argentina, designed by Santa Fe, New Mexico-based firm Celula Urbana, goes a step further, uniting a series of enclosed and open-air spaces under a single roof, and using a roof overhang to shelter a rear terrace with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

Made of brick, wood, and steel, House 50 50—as it’s aptly named, in reference to its indoor-outdoor arrangement of spaces—features an L-shape with decks at either end of the plan and a boardwalk-like pathway connecting the two. Inside, timber-slat ceilings meet exposed-masonry walls and wood and tile floors. Take a look.