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London company designs nightmare bus that you exercise inside of

A truly dystopian vision of the future

The great thing about buses (as well as cars, taxis, trains, subways, shuttles, etc.) is that you don’t have to peddle them with your feet. Not long ago—and this is true—if you wanted to get somewhere you had to either peddle with your feet, walk with your feet, or have a horse. Now the world is marginally better and you don’t have to do that anymore, but unfortunately London-based "gym boutique" company 1Rebel is trying to ruin everything with its Ride2Rebel bus, which is filled with exercise bikes so that you can have a spin class...while being in a bus. The stated goal of the project is to expand it so that people can exercise on their way to work, but at present the buses just drop you off at the 1Rebel headquarters. And if you don’t think that sounds like a nightmare, just check out the inside of one of the buses:

Fleet of buses set to double up as mobile exercise studios [Design Indaba]