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These Tiny Clay Plant Sets Are Low-Maintenance and Super Adorable


House plants are all the rage these days, but despite their purported hardiness, if your green thumb remains hopelessly underdeveloped—even after tutelage from the professionals—they will eventually die.

But for those not quite ready to give up the dream of keeping a little corner of green in your home, artist and Central Saint Martins graduate Boe Holder has got an adorable, low-maintenance alternative.

Holder has created a line of tiny hand-painted polymer clay plant sets that reach a height of just a few inches. Each "plant"—from cacti to snake plants to palm-like foliage to the ever-trendy succulent—comes in boldly colored or designed pots. Arrange them as you like along a window sill or a desk, and never worry about under-watering, over-watering, or plain neglecting them.

But you better act now, because they are selling out fast. And for those who do in fact possess the magic touch—or you're feeling ambitious—Holder makes whimsical pots for real plants that are also available. Head on over to Uprise Art, This Way to the Circus, and to purchase.