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This Wooden Cooling Box Is More Efficient Than a Fan, Cheaper Than an Air Conditioner

This invention is cool, in more ways than one

The exact words to describe what Geizeer is are a little hard to come by—it has been called an "ice cooling solution," a "personal ice cooling cube," a "tiny air conditioner box," etc.—which speaks well of its originality. Essentially, Geizeer is a two-part box, made of wood, that contains a rechargeable battery, a micro USB with PCBs, a DC brushless fan and an ice pack. When all the parts are put together, it becomes cold, and makes you less hot if you are sitting near it. More importantly it is small, portable, and uses much less energy than an air conditioner. Already, it has raised more than three times its €30,000 Kickstarter goal.

Geizeer - eco friendly ice cooling [Kickstarter]