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Apartment Complex's Plan to Make Residents Like Its Facebook Page Backfires Pretty Hard

Surprisingly, tenants don't like it when you threaten to evict them for not liking your Facebook page

An apartment complex in Salt Lake City, Utah called City Park Apartments recently came up with a clever little plan to get more likes on its Facebook page: it sent its tenants an addendum to their leases that required them to like the Facebook page or face eviction.

Shockingly, it didn't work all that well.

Although the complex's lawyers have since clarified that they have sent an update notifying tenants that they will not really be evicted for failing to like the Facebook page, or for writing bad reviews anywhere on the internet (another part of the addendum) it seems that the damage has been done. As of yesterday City Park Apartments had a 1.1 star rating on Facebook. As of today, the Facebook page is gone. That pretty much concludes this little adventure in marketing.

Apartment Complex Orders Tenants to Like Its Facebook Page, or Else… [Realtor]