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It's Amazing That This Mother of Dragons Candle Didn't Exist Until Now

Now, you too can wow your Dothraki horde

The best ideas are the ones you wish you'd thought of yourself, and hence, the best candles are the ones that you can't believe weren't already a thing. This candle is shaped like one of Daenerys Targaryen's golden dragon eggs and when it melts it reveals a little porcelain baby dragon figurine, and how was this not a thing (or, at least, how was this not a thing that we were aware of) until now? The egg/candles contain one of each dragon from the show, but you won't know whether you've purchased a Drogon, Viserion, or Rhaegal until you start burning it. Also, just for the record, you do not need to smother your husband to death before hatching these dragons.

Dragon Egg Candle Lets You Become The Mother Of Your Very Own Dragon [Bored Panda]