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Underwater Coral Reef Skyscraper Is as Beautiful as It Is Implausible

It's like luxury condos for ocean life

This entry in eVolo's annual Skyscraper Contest takes a real problem—the world's coral reefs are endangered—and in true eVolo Skyscraper Contest fashion, proposes a fantastical solution in the form of an awesome imagined tower. The Aquarim Trinity is a designer from Malaysian architects Quah Zheng Wei and Jethro Koi Lik Wai (also finalists in 2015 for another aquatic design) that is essentially an underwater coral reef skyscraper, which already sounds pretty cool even before you see a rendering and realize that it consists of three blades surrounding some sort of giant crystal.

Skyscraper Underwater Proposes Gigantic Coral Reef [eVolo]