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New Art Deco Themed Hotel Opens in Paris

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The original building was built in 1791

The newly designed and recently restored Hotel Saint-Marc has opened in Paris just in time for summer. Helmed by Milan-based Dimorestudio, the interior renovation of the 1791-built structure took two years, resulting in 26 rooms across five floors that feature vibrant jewel tones and chic art-deco-meets-1970s style.

The hotel is decorated with a mix of modern and vintage furniture, graphic drapes, and brass-trimmed light fixtures, while the rooms are laid either with plush carpeting in bold hues like burgundy, purple, and blue, or with marble flooring and floral rugs.

Previously the home of a duke, the headquarters of a newspaper, and then an office building, the historical building faces the Opéra-Comique in the 2nd arrondissement. The hotel also offers a swimming pool, hammam, and courtyard. Have a look around.