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Tiny Homes for Rent: 3 Impressive Housetrucks You Can Stay In

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Somewhere between RVs and tiny houses lies another category of micro homes that deserves some recognition. Yep, we’re talking about housetrucks, custom-built dwellings that pile clever, small-space design and craftsmanship onto old trucks. Here are three examples, all of which you can rent or perhaps get some tiny living inspiration from.

Wainui Bay, New Zealand—"New Zealand Housetruck" ($100/night)

Parked on a lush, private area in New Zealand’s Golden Bay, this housetruck has been restored with beautiful kauri and oak timber interiors and boasts stellar ocean, mountain, and Milky Way views. The space can accommodate up to four people with its two queen-size beds .

Glastonbury, England—"The Lovestruck" ($145/night)

This maroon housetruck offers a quaint, unconventional way to take in the English countryside. The interior’s been outfitted with two double beds, a wood-burning stove, dining table, oven, sink, and skylights.

Aviemore, Scotland—"The Beer Moth" ($122/night)

This housetruck in the Scottish Highlands was built from a former fire service truck that had been sitting pretty in a museum. The owner then raised the roof, laid down oak parquet floors salvaged from a Tudor, and added a Victorian double bed.