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Vacation Rental Lets Guests Buy Decor When They Leave

Everything the light touches

Ever check into a hotel or inn on vacation and think "if only I could buy everything in this room and bring it home"? Well, if you’re headed to Melbourne, Australia, and have an affinity for leather furniture and metallic accents, you’re in luck! Guests to this rental property in the southern Australian city can purchase the whole of the space’s decor—furniture, art, and all—after they wrap up their stay.

The apartment, called Microluxe, was refurbished by architects at local firm Edwards Moore and includes surfaces paneled with marble, geometric neon lighting, and other touches that, in another year, would be considered outré but look a lot like 2016 to us. The space’s designer, Ben Edwards, told Dezeen that he expects the small apartment’s look to evolve over time, as folks purchase things out of the space.

Of course, this is far from the first time such a scheme has been used to sell home goods: We recently reported on a luxe pop-up apartment in London that’s set up shop in a Victorian townhouse and New York City and Los Angeles residents (of a certain income bracket) have long been able to pop into The Apartment by The Line. It seems that it was only a matter of time before this format made its way Down Under.