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Private Island Hotel Appears to Float on Water

It’s a honeymooner’s dream

"Yes, please," is all we can say to this heavenly private island hotel nestled on a coastal site in Phuket, Thailand. Designed by Architects 49, the three-villa hotel appears to float on the ocean and flow into an expansive infinity pool, a section upon which guests can dine.

Each hut-like villa features glass walls and a high, pitched roof with generous overhangs, framing ocean views while also providing shade and privacy. The sleek, contemporary compound is wrapped in an intricate white screen that recalls traditional Thai crafts.

Inside, the open-plan rooms feature a neutral color palette and floors laid with dark wood are appointed with platform beds and a swinging seat, a desk console, and a large bathroom with two vanities, bathtub, and outdoor shower and bath. White wooden slats also figure as a motif throughout the grounds. Take a look around and feel the serenity washing over you.