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Renovation Turns Horse Stable into Stylish Guest House

Holy barn door!

Here’s a renovation where the ultra trendy "barn door" makes total sense. Over in Kirkland, WA, a Seattle suburb with an equestrian tradition, new owners of a ‘60s property decided to enlist local firm SHED Architecture to revamp a neglected horse stable on the same grounds. For the clients, a painter and digital designer, the firm completed a gut renovation that created an airy art studio and guest house with sleek concrete floors and a wall of operable windows.

The highlight of the space has to be the zesty yellow barn doors that nod to the structure’s stable origins, while sliding to reveal different components of the home, including a compact sink-and-cabinet area and the pared-back bedroom. In addition to the soaring "main hall," which has a midcentury-styled sitting room on one end and a simple studio on the other end, the dwelling also includes a minimal bathroom and mudroom.