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Gorgeous Vacation Home With Green Roof Perches on Canadian Hillside

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We love this

It’s covetable vacation homes season! From Denmark to Brazil and southern California, we have seen our fair share of enviably lovely holiday homes of all sorts. Now come images of this vacation home for a family in Ontario, Canada, designed by Toronto firm Ian MacDonald Architect.

Called the Go Home Bay Cabin, and perched on a rocky promontory on an island in Georgian Bay (a section of Lake Huron) in Ontario, the low-lying house, with its overhanging, planted roof, nods at the vernacular architecture of the region—which is dotted with circa-1800s private residences on a series of archipelagos—with a black-cedar-shingled exterior. Inside, things lighten up, with exposed Fir ceiling beams and wood floors.

As one could expect, the house is lovely, though modest, and its architecture is in many ways outward facing: Broad windows frame sweeping views of the bay and pine forest surrounding the property. And, if the homeowners want to unwind outside, there’s also a glassed-in porch from which to take in the view.

In an interview with Dezeen, the architect said that the house’s simple forms and relatively compact scale were a rebuke to the showy dwellings going up in other parts of the area. "Over-scaled structures have become evermore commonplace...dwarfing the surroundings and spoiling one’s experience of the natural realm," MacDonald says. Let’s hope more architects working for private clients in such environments follow suit.