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Floating house with retractable legs is designed for the floods to come

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The conceptual renderings imagine a bleak future with awesome houses

Climate change has already affected the way that we design buildings—for example, in Lower Manhattan electrical rooms are being put on the second floors of buildings instead of the ground floors after the disastrous flooding during Hurricane Sandy—and this design from Terry & Terry Architecture is a logical, if extreme, extension of that. The concept house, called Tidal House, is a solar-powered, floating pad has retractable legs so that it can anchor itself anywhere the flooding is not too deep. And while these renderings may paint a bleak picture of the future landscape, the ghostly scalies that inhabit Tidal House don’t seem all that concerned. They’re even going so far as to swim around in the flood waters, which can’t be that sanitary.

Solar-powered Floating Tidal House defies climate change with retractable legs [Inhabitat]