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The Idaho Castle Is on the market for $769,000

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Whoever named this castle did an A+ job

The Idaho Castle is, believe it or not, a castle located in the state of Idaho. And although it is not the only castle in Idaho, nor is it the most castle-y, it is the only castle to proclaim itself "The Idaho Castle," and so that is what it is. (It’s bombast was even enough to get it included in our map of A Castle in Every State in the U.S.A.) Now, The Idaho Castle is on the market for The Asking Price of $769,000. It includes The Five Idaho Bedrooms, The Six Idaho Bathrooms, The Wrought Iron Idaho Chandeliers, and the Idaho Sink Made Out Of A Boulder Supported By Two Chained Together Logs (see: pictures below). The 5,728-square-foot home is not, it must be said, particularly castle-like except for the pointy bits on the exterior. But it is definitely located in Idaho, so it’s got that going for it (see: map below).

234 Castle Crest Rd, Hope, ID, 83836 [Estately]