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Converted Warehouse Becomes Bagel Shop in Coastal Japan

But what do the bagels taste like?

We’ve seen warehouses turned into private residences with seeming abandon, but never have we come across a former storage space turned into a bakery. That’s just what happened to this onetime fishing supplies warehouse, in the small coastal Japanese town of Miura (population 1,300). Yokohama, Japan-based firm ROOVICE transformed it into a café and bagel shop (of all things), deploying transparent corrugated polycarbonate siding to give the existing timber frame a modern flavor.

Inside, the steeply pitched roof retains its rough-hewn timber beams and trusses, and whitewashed walls, floors, and white-tile accents help give it an open, airy vibe. The mix of old and new is particularly apt given that the bagels on offer are all made from locally sourced ingredients. Take a look around.