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A Look at Iran's Burgeoning Contemporary Architecture Scene

Bringing on the ‘wow’

There’s a change in the wind for contemporary Iranian architecture. With sanctions lifted and growing investment from abroad, many anticipate a bold new crop of head-turning buildings constructed to meet an increasing demand for new lifestyles and tourist destinations.

"The young generation are working, they are penetrating the economy and business," said Next Office architect Alireza Taghaboni in an interview with Dezeen. "They want modern, new things and a higher quality of life, so they design better projects."

Over just the past five years, a number of innovative structures have been built in the country, many referencing local building traditions while accommodating new modes of living. Taller apartment buildings are being constructed to meet the demand for urban apartments, and public commercial spaces are being redesigned to encourage patrons to meet in areas that were once heavily policed.

Here’s a selection of the new homes, offices, and infrastructure projects offering a glimpse into Iran’s architectural future: