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Danish Studio Debuts Colorful Marbled Furniture Collection

Perfect for the marble enthusiast

From the creators of colorful and wacky floors made of marbleized wood now comes a new furniture collection made of their trademark material. If you thought Danish Snedker Studio’s trippy parquet was cool, then you’re going to love their dining sets.

Each table or bench is topped with their brightly patterned wood, but prospective buyers can choose between two different furniture styles. The first features a more Danish-modern look with rounded edges and dowel-like legs. The second style is sharper and more modern, with clean straight edges and square legs painted bright white.

The company’s wood-marbling process was created by artist and studio founder Pernille Snedker Hansen, and is similar to the way marbled paper is produced. Ink and paint is added to the surface of a tray filled with water and manipulated to create a design in the floating pigments. A piece of wood is then carefully laid across the water so that the color transfers onto the material.