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Let us all one day have as much fun as the listing agent for this house did

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“Then, wait. You hear it, an audible gasp! It's the immense fireplace!”

As we learned last month from a guy listing his own house in Alabama, listings can be fun, and more listing agents should embrace the potential fun-ness of writing a description of a house. Now, one such listing agent, tasked with selling a beautifully restored 1695 house in Lincoln, Rhode Island, has really taken the ball and run with it. We get off to a very good start with, "the home boasts of being home to 11 generations of Arnolds, and no, Benedict, is not one of them!" and things only go uphill from there.

Walking up the slate path, entering through the rear door, you step into the Borning Room, which was used year round as the kitchen. Then, wait. You hear it, an audible gasp! It's the immense fireplace! The original colonial open-hearth fireplace measuring over 9' wide, nearly 6' high, and 4' deep, features a beehive oven, and large swing arm crane. The crane was discovered by the stream at the foot of the hill by the owner's children. What a magnificent find! Such good children!

600 Great Rd, Lincoln, RI 02865 [Zillow]