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Glass-Walled Courtyard Takes Center Stage in This Unique Indian Home

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Very sculptural

Combining geometric volumes to create a unique composition of cubes and undulating curves, this sculptural home located in Bangalore—in the state of Karnataka in India’s southwest—is pretty rad.

Designed by Bangalore-based Cadence Architects, the B One house features three bedrooms, a double-height living area, family room, and other spaces that are arranged in an "H" shape around an open, glass-walled courtyard.

The airy, white interior is laid with pale stone floors, while the mixed-material exterior is offset with a massive overhanging roof and a cylindrical mass that appears to nestle into the wall. This circular protuberance forms the curving walls of the media room and balcony on the second floor, and those organic lines also extend to the sloping staircase. Take a peek below.