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Nothing is creepier than a dishwashing dog robot

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Let’s torture it by making it slip on banana peels repeatedly

Massachusetts-based engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics is very good at building robots, having created various humanoid and quadrupedal robots that can perform such impressive feats as walking over different types of terrain, adapting to the ground as they go, as well as climbing vertical terrain, jumping climbing, bending down and lifting things, et cetera. But what they are even better at is messing with the robots they’ve built by, for example, poking them in the chest with a hockey stick until they fall down. (Did we mention that they are based in Massachusetts.) The company has upped their game with their latest robot, a weird dog-like creature called SpotMini, which they trick into slipping on a bunch of banana peels (ostensibly to show that it can pick itself back up again, but probably really because it’s just hilarious.) Gratifyingly, SpotMini gets its revenge when it’s asked to bring a human a can of Diet Coke. Also, the robot can wash dishes, or at least take dishes from the sink and place them in the dishwasher, which is exciting (and about as much as we can do, too).

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