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Conversion Turns 100-Year-Old Building Into HQ for San Francisco Ad Agency

We’d work here

Workspace design has undergone seismic changes since the halcyon days of the suburban corporate office park: As cities regained cultural cachet and economic strength through the 1990s and into the early ‘00s, and the open-plan office took hold as the workplace arrangement du jour, former factories and other fringe urban spaces have been getting turned into modern offices at breakneck speeds.

This former warehouse turned advertising agency headquarters in San Francisco follows suit. Masterminded by Bay Area firm Terry & Terry Architecture, the new office for Hybrid Design is a revamp of a 100-year-old building with a spiffy new second level courtesy of the firm. Elements of the original structure are visible throughout, as in the exposed-brick walls, living in harmony with glass-enclosed conference rooms, new wood floors and ceilings, and other modernizing touches.

The second story added by the firm—which includes more offices and a "reading alcove" among other areas, according to Dezeen—also features an open-plan kitchen and cafeteria-style seating. The space leads out to a roof terrace. Take a look.