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Colorful Mosaic Tiles Brighten Renovated 387-Square-Foot Flat in Spain

The humble material takes center stage in this revamp

Mosaic tile is a versatile surfacing material, able to withstand the kinds of spills, impacts, and other domestic troubles that are part of daily life at home. That may be why it was the preferred material for Madrid firm Zooco Estudio, which revamped a 36-square-meter (about 387-square-foot) flat using thousands of mosaic glass tiles, color-coded according to the “zone” in the home in which they are lain and the function of that zone.

The compact apartment is divided into a sleeping area, kitchen and dining room, bathroom, and a “green area,” with Astroturf-like flooring and a wall of potted herbs, separated from the kitchen with a curtain of vertically hung stainless steel bands. In dividing it this way, the architects hoped to maximize the usefulness of each space and create a sense—however illusory—of spaciousness. Take a look!