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Concrete Beachfront Chapel Appears to Float at High Tide

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Tranquil and soothing

It’s been a long week, and all we want is a chance to take a breather—which is why this peaceful chapel on the beaches of Beidaihe (a popular resort district 177 miles east of Beijing) looks so soothing.

Built by Vector Architectswho seem to have a thing about plopping concrete structures on the beach—the Seashore Chapel sits on columns right at the edge of the shoreline, allowing the ocean water to rush underneath it, depending on the tide. This means that at high tide, the chapel cannot be accessed, and instead appears to be "an old boat drifting on the ocean," the architects told Dezeen.

When the tide is low, the entire structure is revealed. A grand staircase, which doubles as a place to sit, leads up to the high-pitched, white stucco chapel, whose spare interior is laid with bamboo floors and simple benches. A glass wall faces the ocean (and onto a balcony) so that visitors can commune with the serene horizon. The chapel also features a bell-tower placed at the apex of the roof, a one-person meditation room, an office, concealed stained-glass windows, and a mezzanine-level piano platform.

Take a look below, and prepare yourself for what will hopefully be a peaceful weekend.