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Concrete House in Brazil Makes the Case for Curves

No 90-degree angles here, folks

We’ve seen our fair share of rectilinear modern homes, built of timber, steel, and other materials, but what happens when contemporary architects ditch the 90-degree angle in favor of curves? This private home in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by architect Ruy Ohtake is a study in just such a rebuke to right angles, and features boldly curved walls and equally vivid, quirky interiors.

Called "House Roberto Concenza," the dwelling is home to an art collector and his family. Inside, broad, whimsically shaped windows let light wash over spaces with rough concrete floors and walls. Luckily, the owners’ collection of quirky furniture and art helps balance out the tabula rasa of the space. A mix of modern furniture, works for Brazilian artists, and more help lend the interiors color and verve. Take a look.