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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Adelman House in Wisconsin Receives Gorgeous Restoration

It’s a real beaut’

A Frank Lloyd Wright house in a state of disrepair is a sad sight. Frank Lloyd Wright’s circa-1940s Adelman House in Fox Point, Wisconsin, outside Milwaukee, has avoided just such a fate, recently undergoing a sparkling restoration by local firm The Kubala Washatko Architects (TKWA). TKWA describes itself as a sustainability-focused practice that "embraces a philosophy of wholeness."

That’s good news for fans of Frank Lloyd Wright, who would be justified in looking askance news of an attempt to revamp one of his homes. But no need to fret: TKWA seems to have done a bang-up job and the Adelman House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The house was built in 1948 for a couple, Edith and Albert Adelman, and is still in the family. It comprises a concrete block-and-wood exterior with the long, low-lying profile for which Wright’s residential designs became renowned.

TKWA’s work was quite technical: It involved revamping components of mechanical systems throughout the house and cleaning and restoring existing windows, doors, skylights, and more, as well as reconditioning wood throughout the house. Designers at the firm also removed red-concrete flooring in the house that had weathered use over the years and fallen into disrepair, replacing it with new concrete flooring in the same signature shade Wright favored. Take a look around and read more over at Dezeen.