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Industrial Warehouse Converted Into Semi-Communal Housing for Friends

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It’s located in the historic center of Ghent, Belgium

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of getting in on real estate with friends and building your dream home together, then this conversion project in Belgium might inspire you to give it more serious thought.

Three friends bought an abandoned L-shaped industrial lot in the historic town of Ghent (in northwest Belgium) and split up the existing buildings into three houses. While each interior was designed according to the owners’ individual tastes, the original brick exteriors remained more or less unchanged in an effort to preserve the industrial feel of the original structure.

Enclosed gardens were created between the houses to provide separation and privacy (and respite from the city that surrounds them), while the former stock yard and parking lot were converted into a communal garden. Take a look inside one of the homes (designed by architect Axel Devroe), which features an open plan, large windows, polished concrete flooring, a large stainless steel kitchen, and a double-height space in the living area that gives way to a mezzanine level and reveals a glass-walled patio on the second floor.