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Could a Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm Build a City From Scratch?

Startup incubator Y Combinator is assembling a research team

Is prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm Y Combinator (YC) planning to build a city? A recent entry on the firm’s blog indicates that, at the very least, it’s thinking long and hard about it. The post posits that people “aren’t realizing their potential” the world over because the environments in which they live inadequately support them.

To help solve that, YC is assembling a team of researchers with experience in “architecture, ecology, economics, politics” and more to answer some of their burning questions about what a built-from-the-ground-up city may look like, including things they’ve categorized as “high-level”—like what a city should optimize for—and “tactical”—such as what the right role for vehicles is in a city.

Those interested in joining the YC research team can apply (the deadline is Saturday, July 30).

Apparently, the results of the study will be released to the general public, according to the YC blog, but they not yet said when. We will keep you posted.