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Tiny Houses for Rent: 3 Fab Finds Under $150 a Night


Whether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to hotels or a special scenic getaway, there’s probably a tiny house rental out there that’ll fit the bill. Take a look at this week’s selection.

Salem, OR—"Tiny House: Sleep in a Vineyard" ($145/night)

Remember the rad Escape Vista tiny house with huge windows and a pop-up TV? Well, you’ll be able to check out that model at this tiny house rental parked in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, with views of Eola Hills and the Willamette River.

Oakland, CA—"Designer Tiny House Experience" ($75/night)

This adorable red tiny house comes complete with a new King-size memory foam mattress, new kitchen, bathroom, and shower, plus a tiny ground-level deck and roof deck. The price tag makes it an affordable alternative when visiting the San Francisco Bay Area.

Manvel, TX—"Tiny House on the Christmas Tree Farm" ($74/night)

How’s this for a scenic retreat? This rustic "Lone Star" tiny house has a front porch overlooking a pond and fields of Christmas trees in its backyard. The interiors feature reclaimed wood walls, a pull-out bed, and standard toilet.