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Modern Home in Iran Features Striking Slatted-Timber Exterior

Located in the former capital of Persia

This timber-slatted house in Isfahan (211 miles south of Tehran) is another example of bold, new architecture currently on the rise in Iran thanks to newly lifted international sanctions. Designed by Tehran-based Bracket Design Studios, Bagh-Janat, as it’s called, is located in a wealthy neighborhood in the former capital of Persia.

Because of the densely-populated nature of the area and the tall apartment buildings surrounding the lot, privacy was a concern for the client, which the architects addressed by swathing the windows and other openings of the family residence with timber slats (which also seems to be having a kind of moment). They provide not only privacy, but also shade, while also allowing diffused light into the interior and air ventilation.

In addition to the wooden screen, the exterior also features travertine stone in a cream color that is seen throughout the neighborhood—as well as in the sleek interior of the three-story home. A large skylight above the main stairwell brings in light all the way to the lower floors, while smaller, frosted ones feature in the bedrooms.

The single-family house, at 305 square meters, or approximately 3,200 square feet, is unusually large for the area, making it a jewel in the rough. Take a look around.